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At Skin Deep MD in Boulder, we offer the ultimate CoolSculpting experience. Our patients come to us for this amazing body sculpting procedure as we have made it easier and faster to achieve a trimmer, more sculpted body – we can address several body areas in a single appointment.


Our Master Aesthetician: CoolSculpting Performed Right

Our Master Aesthetician is the leading provider and is ready to help you look and feel your best. The first step is to meet with us at Skin Deep MD, so we can evaluate the areas that need slimming – and there are often several body areas that can benefit from treatment. Rather than having to return for another treatment, we make it happen in one appointment.

The body areas we can address in a single, effective treatment include:

Tummy bulgesBra fatLove handlesUpper armsDouble chinThighsBack fatMale upper chest


Freeze Away Fatty Zones with CoolSculpting

The CoolSculpting system is one of the most exciting developments in aesthetics to become available in the USA. Most people have heard at least a whisper about this incredible, non-surgical treatment. You may be a hiker, skier, or dedicate yourself to yoga or other exercise program, but are still left with fatty zones that no workout or diet resolves. Find out more about CoolSculpting – you can finally be free of excess fat, without surgery.


Tricking Your Body to Naturally Shed Fat Cells

You can blame nature – your body is genetically programmed to store fat to protect against lean times. This genetic programming serves no purpose in our modern culture in the USA, where food is in abundance throughout the year. The system is based upon what is termed “cryolipolysis.”

It has been proven that with a specific amount of cold applied to fat, targeted cells die. These dead fat cells are then naturally shed by the body over the following weeks and months – with maximum improvement at about three to six months. The treatment does not harm the surrounding tissue, involves no incisions, and has virtually no recovery time.


About Fat Cells

You have a standard number of fat cells in your body. You don’t gain more once you are an adult; they simply swell and shrink with weight gain and loss. When an area has a reduced number of fat cells, it is impossible to store as much fat – that is the beauty of CoolSculpting. Rather than undergoing liposuction which involves tiny incisions through which fat cells are extracted, why not let your body do the work?


Candidates for CoolSculpting at Skin Deep: Is This the Treatment for You?

If you have fatty zones that exercise, and diet won’t resolve, you are probably the perfect candidate for this non-invasive fat reduction treatment. Candidates are in the following condition:

  • You have fatty zones that you can grasp in your fingers.
  • You are in generally good health.
  • You are within 20 or 30 pounds of your ideal weight

As with almost any aesthetic treatment, pregnant or nursing mothers should wait to undergo the procedure.


Your CoolSculpting Treatment at Skin Deep in Boulder

At Skin Deep, we focus on patient comfort. We love to treat patients with this system as it is virtually pain free and involves little to no downtime. It is a simple, but highly effective treatment to trim away excess fat. You will lie back in comfort for treatment. The only uncomfortable sensation occurs in the first stages – a sensation of intense cold, which is nothing new for those of us who live in Colorado.

With two CoolSculpting systems at our Skin Deep MD clinic, several areas can be addressed in a single appointment. Various zones on the body will require specific CoolSculpting applicators. A gel pad and applicator are applied to the unwanted fat. You can rest, read, or even take a power nap while we get the work done.

Once completed, you are free to return to your usual activities. The treatment will vary in length, depending upon the number of areas you want to sculpt. Most appointments require about 35 minutes to an hour to complete. After CoolSculpting, the area treated will be massaged for several minutes. Schedule your appointment today to get started.


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