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Skin Tightening


At Skin Deep MD in Boulder, Colorado, we offer an array of facial rejuvenation treatments, including the latest generation of skin tightening procedures. Our treatments for skin tightening are performed under the supervision of Dr. Melody Denham to ensure patient safety and superior results.


The Problem of Aging Skin

As we age, production of collagen and elastin, two proteins that help your skin stay firm, begins to slow, causing the skin on your face, neck, and body to lose its fresh, supple, youthful quality. No creams or facial serums are truly able to trigger natural collagen formation to tighten drooping or sagging skin. Skin tightening using laser technology offers a safe, effective and non-surgical way to smooth, tighten and lift skin on face and body for a true transformation.


How does it work?

Collagen, naturally produced by the body, helps your skin remain hydrated, elastic, and firm. With age, the natural production of collagen becomes less and less – and you are left with thinner, lax skin. At Skin Deep MD, we offer some of the most advanced skin rejuvenation treatments available in the USA.

Skin tightening is a minimally invasive, non-surgical procedure that tightens existing collagen strands while triggering the skin to produce more natural collagen. The laser treatment can tighten skin by heating the dermis (an underlying skin layer). This process causes the skin to lift and the collagen to constrict, immediately tightening lax facial skin and giving restoring firmer, more youthful skin with fewer fine lines and wrinkles. The results are visible immediately and continues to improve as the days and weeks pass.

Our skin tightening procedure not only treats the targeted area of the skin by encouraging new collagen growth, but it also promotes absorption of additional collagen the skin in the adjoining areas of face or body. With the regeneration of natural collagen, your skin becomes smoother, softer, more supple, firm, and flexible.


Am I a good candidate for skin tightening?

Many people first notice signs of aging on the face and neck. If you are concerned with mild to moderate skin laxity, are in good health, and are seeking a non-invasive way to restore your skin’s natural youthful appearance, skin tightening can produce a truly dramatic improvement. Our skin tightening treatment is suitable for all skin types and skin tones and is a safe non-surgical way to look improve skin quality and look younger, more vital, and rejuvenated.


Benefits of Skin Tightening in Boulder

  • Tighten mild to moderately loose skin around the face, neck or body
  • Treatments are pain-free, FDA-approved, and effective
  • Create healthier, stronger skin
  • You can return to your daily routine immediately looking refreshed, revitalized and renewed
  • Treatments are performed in a comfortable, relaxing setting and typically take less than one hour
  • Results can be expected to last up to a year
  • Restore a more youthful appearance without the recovery time and cost of invasive surgical procedures
  • All procedures supervised by our physician


During your Skin Tightening Procedure

You can expect your laser skin tightening procedure to take only 30 to 45 minutes to perform. Most patients have reported it to be a comfortable process; however, our experienced aesthetician at Skin Deep MD will first apply a topical numbing cream to your face to minimize discomfort during treatment. An ICON laser will be gently applied to the skin areas that have lost youthful elasticity. Your skin will appear firmer and tighter immediately following treatment – with results that improve, day by day.

After treatment, you can expect to go about your daily routine as usual. You should avoid exercise, excessive sweating, and rubbing of the skin for 24 hours. It is also important to avoid direct sun exposure for two weeks following your appointment.


What you Can Expect at Skin Deep MD

You are our main priority. At Skin Deep MD in Boulder, we are committed to providing the highest level of personalized care, under the supervision of our medical doctor. We can discuss any questions and concerns you may have about the ICON laser skin tightening procedure. Our goal is to achieve superior outcomes, giving our patients a youthful, fresh look for the long term – and developing a relationship you can trust to address to provide the most effective treatments for your skincare needs in the years ahead.

We look forward to getting to know you and your skin care needs to ensure positive results throughout your long-term beauty and health journey.


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